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christmas coming in spite of everything
we got nothing we got no song to sing
cannot travel but can listen to bing
corona means crown-it must be the new king
christmas coming don’t have to visit folks
just as well, ‘cuz I don’t like their jokes
this year’s just a stick stuck in my spokes
wait and see what things this year provokes

christmas 2020
this time it ain’t funny
we ain’t got no money
the egg nog’s even runny
christmas 2020
wait til next year, honey
the future may be sunny
wait for the easter bunny

christmas coming for those that have survived
quit your bitchin’ – at least you’re still alive
anyway this whole thing was contrived
to make money and then leave you deprived
christmas coming if you are still employed
this here season is one big hemorrhoid
this year’s got the whole world real annoyed
Think of past yules you may have enjoyed

christmas coming if you like it or not
wear your mask and hide out from the snot
this here carol was not what you were taught
sing it only when out of earshot
christmas coming in a matter of days
break on through the new world wide malaise
not good cheer but i will not rephrase
At least I can rhyme with mayonnaise